Stefania Pattarini

Born in Piacenza, after graduating from the Liceo Classico, she graduated in Law from the Catholic University of Milan in 1984 and passed the Bar exam in the 1986/1987 session.

She has been a partner of PCR Avvocati since the year of its foundation (2006). She is also a lawyer authorized to practice before the Higher Courts and is a member of A.G.I. (Italian Labor Lawyers).

She has always carried out and carries out her professional activity in the field of consultancy and labor litigation and ordinary civil litigation, in the field of corporate and bankruptcy law, and of family law, as well as administrative litigation with particular regard to the procedures before Guarantors and related appeals.

She mainly assists companies in various sectors and has gained significant experience, both in the field of judicial and extrajudicial assistance, and in litigation of merit and legitimacy at every stage and degree, also in the Supreme Court, as well as before the specialized sections of industrial law to the Court of Companies, and in the context of arbitration disputes throughout the Italian territory.

She also advises in the field of investment contracts and corporate transactions, distribution contracts, supply of goods and services, franchising of goods and services, contracts, leasing, use / transfer of trademarks and other intellectual property rights, of real estate and timeshare, of company law, in the management of legal problems related to bankruptcy and other insolvency procedures, in addition to judicial credit protection activities.

She has a good knowledge of the English language.

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