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We are at the side of our Clients in the management and resolution of all issues related to the sphere of Civil and Commercial Law. The assistance provided concerns the identification of the legal issue, sharing with the Client the strategy to be implemented, the outline, whether possible, of out-of-court agreements and, where necessary, the representation before the Judicial Authorities, including the Italian High Court (Cassazione). We have over ten years of experience in the following areas, among the others:

  • Real Estate: we support Companies and Entities that operate in the real estate, hospitality and hôtellerie industries in mergers, acquisitions, transfers, divestments, developing and consolidation of their real estate assets, with a distinct specialization in time-sharing contracts, both of vacation or recreation condominium property, in property, ownership, co-property and rental of luxury and large real estate assets. Where complex issues in matters of use, easement, usufruct, pledge, mortgage and real estate guarantees arise we can provide a thorough personalized assistance regarding the land registration system, including the “Tavolare” registry system.
  • Business and Private Contracts: with our consolidated experience in various production and distribution sectors such as, among others, steel and large-scale industry, construction and shipbuilding for civil engineering works, pharmaceutical, tourism, fashion and IT, we can offer a detailed advice in the drafting of specific contractual clauses (for example, distribution contracts, supply contracts, agency contracts, tenders, service contracts, leases, transfers and leases of business branches, licensing of trademarks and patents, etc.), as well as support in the negotiation of complex commercial transactions, both ordinary and strategic.

We offer a tailor-made consultancy and assistance to Companies operating on the Italian market in the large-scale manufacturing industry, distribution, construction and shipbuilding, IT, media, advertising and fashion, pharmaceutical sectors in matters of Employment, Labour, Trade Union, Social Security and Welfare Law, with a specific focus on the following activities:

  • Legal management of all the different types of employment relationships, from recruitment through to termination of the employment contract, including modification of contract clauses, reassignment, secondment and transfer of employees, change of job tasks and levels. Agency contracts management.
  • Drafting of individual employment contracts, with a wide expertise regarding the contractualization of the relationship of top manager and senior executives, directors and members of Company Boards. Drafting of specific covenants such as non-competition, non-solicitation, retention, confidentiality, know-how protection.
  • Drafting of Stock Option Plans, MBO and fringe benefits, including social security arrangements, disciplinary and ethics codes, company rule books, company policies.
  • Disciplinary procedures, individual dismissal and collective redundancies, state-funded redundancy schemes and solidarity contracts.
  • Management of negotiations with Trade Union.
  • Assistance and advice on instances, cases and court proceedings ruled by Employment and Labour Law, Trade Union Law, Social Security and Welfare Law.
  • Assistance, advice and due diligence related to employment issues that arise in companies’ merger and acquisition, transfers, divestments, business branches leases, organizational restructurings that involve workforce reduction and/or outsourcing.

We provide a comprehensive assistance to Companies and Organizations, both national and international, that operate on the Italian market on any corporate affair, offering innovative and personalized solutions to complex legal issues related both to day-to-day activities and to extraordinary operations:

  • corporate governance for listed and non-listed companies
  • companies’ establishments, joint venture and partnership agreements
  • mergers, acquisitions, demergers, business branches leases, trademark licenses
  • management agreements, non-competition agreements
  • legal advice and assistance to insolvent companies throughout all the insolvency, bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding, also drafting deed of arrangements with creditors, equity holders and third-party investors and financial restructuring agreements.

We have a vast knowledge of contentious proceedings and Arbitration. We provide legal assistance to Companies, Entities, Institutions and Private Clients during preliminary phases before taking legal actions before courts, with strong skills in mediation and assisted negotiation, both in the assessment of the dispute, as well as in the possible judicial phase in all areas of Civil law, Corporate, Business and Contract Law, Employment and Labour Law. We believe that litigation should be aimed to a specific purpose: therefore, our commitment is to provide the Clients with a complete legal assessment that can guide them, with the help of our in-depth and specialised knowledge of legal issues and cases held in court, as well as of common sense, to make informed and goal-oriented decisions, whether this leads to judicial phase or to an out-of-court settlement.

We are partner of choice for many important Banks and Financial Institutions, as well as for leading players in several industrial sectors, that choose us for our tailor-made service and our accurate and rapid answer to the needs of recovering bank credits, mortgages, commercial credits and securitised credits. Our offer is aimed to reach the fulfilment of creditors’ rights and includes:

  • due diligence activity on secured/unsecured credits portfolios.
  • Analysis of debtors’ solvency, judicial proceedings to enforce rights and recover credits (appeals for enforcement injunction and other judicial orders, writs etc.), as well as real estate foreclosures, towards debtors and third-parties, defence in the appeal proceedings filed by debtors and third-parties.
  • Repayment and Recovery Plans monitoring, legal registry services and any other related activity.

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